Funding Requests

The role of FODH is to enhance the pupils’ experience whilst at Danes Hill.

We work to raise money to enable us to fund requests for all sorts of academic, sporting and extra curricular activities. We welcome Funding Requests from teachers, pupils and parents. Any request valued at £500 or under is discussed and voted on by the Trustees and Class Reps at the FODH Class Rep meetings, whereas requests over £500 will be discussed at the Class Rep meetings and then passed on to all parents for voting by an agreed deadline.

- You are entitled to one vote for every child you have at the school;
- You may vote 'Yes' or 'No';
- The FODH secretary will collate the votes and the results will be published.

Submit Request

Submit funding requests for consideration.
1 Please fill your name
2 Submitting request as...
3 Description of what funds are for
4 Value of request

Please also state if this is a percentage of the total value of the project or full funding (100%)

5 FODH raises money to be spent on projects and equipment to enhance pupils' experience of being at the school. Why do you believe this funding will benefit the pupils of Danes Hill?
6 Authorization