New Parents

Danes Hill have welcomed about 50 new families in to the school this year, and FODH recognises how daunting it can be to start in a new environment.

Please register at and select 'Friends of Danes Hill' to opt in to receive FODH communications.

We have various designated reps who are ready to answer any questions you may have, regarding the school and its requirements and customs. We share an e-mail address, so just e-mail [email protected] and the best person will reply to you.

FODH is very aware that families move to Surrey from all over the world. It's always nice to have a friendly face who can speak your language. See the links below to contact our Chinese and South Korean and EAL New Family Reps.

Bevendean Rep

  • Kate Hedman

Main School Reps

Chinese Rep

South Korean Rep

English as an Additional Language Rep

  • Kristianna Salmon

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